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City Hall Info:


Address: 300 Main St, Filer, Idaho, 83328

Mailing Address: Po Box 140, Filer, Idaho, 83328.

Phone-Number: 208-326-5000

Fax-Number: 208-326-5002


City Clerk: Emily Daubner



Utility Clerk: Sloane Oswalt



Planing & Zoning: Vera Pedrow 


The City of Filer requires dogs within city limits be licensed. The license cost is $5.00 per dog per year; each license is renewable every January 1st. If a dog is picked up it will be taken to Twin Falls Animal Shelter - (208)736-2299. The owner will be required to come into City Hall and pay fees as listed below before the dog will be released from Fairview.

1st time impound is $10 plus the $15 boarding per day charged by Twin Falls Animal Shelter. Each time a dog is picked up after that, the impound fee doubles (from $10 to $20 to $40 and so on.)

A Kennel License is required for more than 3 dogs at one residence for $25.00 and requires City Council approval.

Other Licenses that are required by the City are: Daycare, Mobile Home Parks, Fireworks, & Liquor Licenses and Transient Vendor License for Temporary Door to Door Sales, and home occupation or business needs to obtain a Business license and may require a special use permit.

The City of Filer issues Building Permits within City limits and the Impact Area.

The building inspector is Darryl Petrone and can be reached at 539-0104.

Requirements for building permits are as follows:

  • Three sets of plans (stamped by South Central Health District if out of the city limits)

  • Legal description

  • Plot plan showing placement and all existing & future building


Hook-up fees for New Home Construction:

Sewer Capacity Fee is $3047.00

Sewer Tap Fee is $2500.00 

Water Capacity Fee is $2214.00 

Water Tap Fee is $2500.00

Meter Expenses are $771.00 plus the $100.00 refundable meter deposit.


For Rezone, Variance, Special Use and Subdivision procedures please contact City Hall.

In order to best serve the public and to process your request for public records as efficiently as possible, all requests to examine or copy public records MUST BE MADE IN WRITING. Please help us in this process by filling out this form completely

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