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Dunk Tank


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City of Filer Fire/Rescue

 Fire/Rescue Division consist of two different entities, the city fire department and the fire district. Working together these two entities provides Fire/Rescue services for a 132 sq. mile area, and a population of about 8,000. The Fire/Rescue Division has an operating staff of 26 Personnel. All the personnel are on a "paid-on-call" status, comprised of 1 Chief, 1 Assistant Chief, 2 Captains, 2 Lieutenants, and 20 Firefighters. Of the 20 Firefighters, 2 are Safety Officers, and 2 are Training Officers. The Fire Division operates with 2 Structure Engines, 1 Ladder Truck, 1 Urban Interface Structure Pumper, 1 Wild Land Engine, 1 Water Tender/Structure Engine, 1 Water Tender, 1 Rescue Structure Engine and 2 Command Vehicle.

The Fire/Rescue Division responds to, and provides service for, fire suppression, auto extrication, confined space rescue, wild land /urban interface firefighting, and basic life support (BLS). The Fire/Rescue Division is also involved in public education, code enforcement, and hazardous material response. The Fire Division also has a Fire Prevention Bureau, and is a member of M.V.E.R.T.(Magic Valley Emergency Response Team) M.V.E.R.T. is a regional HAZMAT Team formed exclusively for protecting the Magic Valley area, and is composed of area Fire Department members specifically trained in HAZMAT Responses. We also provide assistance to the Magic Valley Special Operations Response Team which consist of high and low angle rescue along with confined space rescue.

Fire Department 


The Filer Fire Department was established in 1928. Members were summoned to a fire by a dinner bell, later by a large bell and in the early 1940's, a siren. The siren was set in a tower 15 feet above the fire station which was housed with the city offices and the jail, which is located at 228 Main Street. Along with the siren, a telephone call to firemen's residences was used until the late 1980's.The fire department is in the same location it has been for over 75 Years.

The fire department originally only had one fire engine, and in 1966 another fire engine was added to the fleet and more since then.

The Filer Rural Fire District is housed in the same fire station. It was established a as a Mutual Fire Insurance Company which consisted of departments through the county working together to fight rural fires. In the mid 1990's, the fire districts were created . Filer Fire Rural Fire District covers rural area's around Filer which include Curry Crossing, Highway 93, and Clover.

Burnout Assistance

 Filer Fire and Rescue provides help to families that have been affected by a tragic event like a house fire, a family member with a sudden illness or any other unpredictable situation where people need financial assistance. Filer Fire Department also takes in clothing , furniture, or other items to give to families in need.

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EMS Services

The EMS Division was brought into service in 1985. The Q.R.U. is a State Certified EMT-BD level Emergency Response Unit. In 1999, the EMS Division accounted for 350 of the 557 responses. We have Firefighters who are also members of the QRU. Members are made up or basic emergency medical technicians and emergency first responders. The QRU has a greatly larger response area, covering 496 sq miles, and a population of nearly 10,000.

The QRU responds to, and provides BLS service for medical emergencies, motor vehicle crashes, all fires, and rescue situations. Advanced Life Support (ALS) service is provided by Magic Valley Paramedics. The QRU is also active in the community with public relations. The QRU currently operates with 3 Ambulances.

Fire House

Filer Fire Safety House is a great way to instruct, inform, and teach children life saving skills when it comes to what to do when there is a fire. Books, flyers, and fun activities are handed out while going through the Fire Safety House to insure their time through is one they will remember forever.

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